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Just £995* + vat

You receive all this and much much more...

  • Touch screen terminal
  • Integrated customer display
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Cash drawer (slide or flip)
  • Omni-directional barcode scanner
  • On-site install & training
  • 6 months’ membership to fresh loyalty

*T&C’s apply. Subject to minimum term support contract. Price excludes VAT.  Picture is for illustrative purposes only – make/model of equipment may differ from that shown.


We guarantee to match or beat any like-for-like EPOS quotation (subject to terms & conditions)

Convenience and CTN

Convenience and CTN stores make up the core of our EPOS estate...

  • High speed omni-directional scanners.
  • Easy to read EPOS terminal.
  • ELO touch screen technology.
  • CCTV overlay functionality.
  • Wholesaler/symbol group integration.

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ProEPOS SelfServe

Self service checkouts are the next big thing for the smaller retailer

  • Intuitive, friendly and welcoming user interface.
  • Colour configurable interface to match store/symbol branding.
  • integrates with the ProEPOS Retail Management package.
  • PCI accredited for semi-attended card transactions.

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Garden Centre EPOS

Our EPOS system provides “on the pulse” reporting and the most advanced functionality

  • Pre-populated with over 10,000 plants & shrubs
  • Access to EAN & UPC horticultural barcodes.
  • Seasonal stock reporting.
  • Thermal label printing.

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A popular choice for fashion retailers...

  • Handle size curves & variations.
  • Print clothing tags & labels.
  • SurveyMethods integration.
  • Twitter & Facebook integration.
  • Email receipts.

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With a ProEPOS charity EPOS system, claiming Gift Aid on sales is very simple

  • Gift Aid
  • Easy stock processing
  • Quick sales
  • Statutory notifications

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Bars, Cafe's & Restaurants...

  • “At the table” ordering app
  • Table planning
  • Track stock at kitchen level
  • Pay via smartphone

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Countless Integrations

Countless possibilities

  • MailChimp
  • QuickBooks Online
  • SurveyMethods
  • Twitter & Facebook
  • Email Receipts
  • Amazon Marketplace

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Real-time display of store activity.

  • Simple online access
  • Live receipt viewer, visit count and takings summary
  • Add/edit stock lines and more online
  • Generate orders
  • Add/edit employee accounts
  • Run reports online

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Some of our unique ProEPOS system features

All our EPOS systems run our acclaimed ProEPOS Software
  • Webcam recording and monitoring of the EPOS sales area. Your EPOS system records audio and video footage of the sales area. Age refusals are recorded and archived for Trading Standards.
  • Facial recognition allows staff members and customers to be identified by the EPOS system from their face!
  • Weather v sales reporting. Your EPOS system records prevailing weather conditions against all sales for each day. Turns your EPOS system into a powerful tool for predicitive ordering dependent on weather.
  • ANMW newspaper and magazine updates. For newsagents, the EPOS system receives retail price changes, new publications and barcode changes from our dedicated server, direct from the Association of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers.
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We guarantee to match or beat anyEPOS quotation*
  • Wholesaler links with all the major symbols allows your EPOS system to download updates and place orders via the Internet. An invaluable tool, essential for the symbol store retailer. Never purchase an EPOS system without a link if you are a symbol store retailer!
  • National sales and pricing strategy lets you view and compare (anonymously!) your sales and pricing compared to other EPOS users (min, max and national average) from within the EPOS system. Allows you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of hundreds of other retailers
  • Predictive ordering allows your EPOS system to generate automatic orders based on recent (or seasonal) demand. Reduce your OOS (out of stock) andover stocks and save valuable £’s!
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EPOS systems for the modern retailer

Our EPOS software is in continuous development as the needs of the modern retailer are forever evolving, and the demands on the EPOS system are forever increasing. We automatically update the EPOS software on our EPOS systems to ensure that our retailers benefit from all our fantastic advancements.

EPOS systems to deliver

With so many EPOS systems on the market, how do you choose an EPOS system to suit your needs and budget? Here at Image Retail Solutions, your EPOS system needs will be assessed by our qualified staff, and you will be offered the most suitable EPOS system for your business.

EPOS systems that set us apart

Constantly at the forefront of EPOS software development, we offer EPOS systems that outperform the competition in terms of functionality. With cutting edge features, our EPOS systems will deliver beyond your expectations.

EPOS systems support

With a dedicatd 7 day EPOS helpline, manned by trained professionals, we offer comprehensive telephone and on site EPOS hardware support for your EPOS system. We provide a comprehensive EPOS support and maintenance service for your EPOS system. Our EPOS system after-sales care is second to none.

EPOS systems for convenience stores

We are leaders in our core market – the c-store sector and have installed over 1,000 EPOS systems to the industry. With our electronic wholesaler links your EPOS system is always kept up todate with correct prices and a full barcode file.

EPOS systems for garden centres

With a strong EPOS system installation base in the garden centre arena, we understand the needs of our garden centre retailers.

EPOS systems for charity retail

We understand the needs of retail gift-aid and the demands this places on the EPOS system. With a simple to use EPOS interface, our EPOS systems are ideal for the (often elderly) workforce. Maximise your gift aid return, without the hassle

EPOS systems for fashion

Our second largest market is in the fashion sector. We understand the EPOS needs of the fashion retailer, including bespoke EPOS labelling requirements with hundreds of installs in themarket. We can provide the ideal EPOS system for your fashion shop or boutique – large or small

EPOS systems for free!

Working with a number of convenience store symbol groups we are able to offer wholesaler-subsidised EPOS systems to an increasing number of retailers, irrespective of budget.







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