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Community Store EPOS
(Plunkett Foundation Members)

We understand community run stores

We have a long history supplying and supporting volunteer run community convenience stores, from our very first in 2006. We are also proud members of the Plunkett Foundation and are frequently recommended to stores by them.


Community stores benefit from our wealth of experience in the sector and our unparalleled support. We have helped many community stores dramatically increase their sales and store profitability through our EPOS systems.

As testimony to our commitment to the sector, we work alongside the Plunkett Foundation to support their member sites with market leading EPOS solutions.

We know what makes community stores tick and a number of our EPOS software features have been developed over the years in collaboration with the sector.

Most community stores stay with us for a great many years and we frequently adopt stores from other EPOS providers who understand the sector poorly.

Looking to move providers? More often than not we can transfer your product data without any issues to make the process as smooth as possible.

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Key Features

Our EPOS systems offer a number of key advantages over the competition.

Compare your stock range and selling prices anonymously with other community stores directly through the EPOS. See which key lines you are missing or where there is tolerance for higher prices to improve margins. Our EPOS systems automatically highlight these lines for you.

Track, manage and control wastage to improve overall profitability. This is an often neglected area with other EPOS systems.

Integrated credit and debit card processing with a broad choice of card providers at competitive rates. Many EPOS companies will tie you in to a single card processor with very high rates. In practice you shouldn't be paying more than 0.7% for card transactions (subject to turnover).

elements eye
A screenshot of the POS terminal window in ProEPOS

Intuitive user-interface

Both our ProEPOS and POS Core solutions provide a user interface that has been specifically designed for ease of use. We appreciate that volunteer run community stores must have a system that is simple to operate but which still offers powerful features.

• Clear and easy to read display
• Access to all front-of-house operations from a single screen
• Retailer configurable hot key and quick key menus
• Ability to correct / undo errors

We have a wealth of experience in transitioning community stores from other EPOS systems and can assist with transferring button layouts to our software.

Customer accounts

Our ProEPOS solution provides a fully featured customer accounts facility, accessible from the sales screen, which is essential to the operations of a typical community store who have a somewhat unique relationship with their customer base:

• Layaway sales
• Monthly invoicing / account statements
• Pre-paid / pre-loaded accounts
• Automatic discounting by customer type (eg. VIP, OAP, etc)
• Support for regular standing orders
• Newspaper / magazine deliveries & shop saves
• Flexible loyalty scheme

A screenshot of a customer account in ProEPOS
A graphic representing an API in the cloud

Wholesaler integrations

Our solutions provide back-office integration links with all major FMCG wholesalers in the UK, including Booker, Bestway & Costcutter amongst many more. A wholesaler linked system offers many advantages over a non-linked system:

• Product file updates
• Stock ordering through the EPOS
• Electronic delivery notes
• Cost price monitoring and margin protection

In addtiion to saving time by reducing admin and manual data entry, a wholesaler linked system will monitor and notify you about cost price increases, suggest revised pricing and help protect your margins.

Newspaper and magazine updates

With data supplied by the Association of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers (ANMW), ProEPOS keeps your newspaper and magazine barcodes and pricing up to date, again reducing admin effort and eliminating errors at the point of sale.

Stores supplied by Smiths can also benefit from sales-based-replenishment, whereby ProEPOS will feed sales of news products back to Smiths to ensure that adequate copies of each publication are supplied to the store as demand changes.

A picture of a newspaper being read, with the reader holding a cup of coffee
A graphic representing an API in the cloud

Price embedded barcodes

Both our EPOS solutions allow for the simple configuration of price embedded barcodes, whereby the price and PLU code of a product are represented in the digits of the barcode itself.

Price embedded barcodes are often used by suppliers of variable weight products such as meats and cheeses, etc. They are also produced by label printing weighing scales, zero waste scales, etc.

Simply scan the barcode at the point-of-sale and the POS will attribute the sale to the correct product at the specified price.

Integrated weighing scales

Legally certificated for the use of integrated weighing scales, ProEPOS supports both Avery (and compatible) FX120 and FX131 units for the legal sale of weighed produce.

ProEPOS also supports standalone scales which produce price embedded barcodes. The price is decoded from the barcode at the point-of-sale and the associated stock level reduced.

Bizerba label printing scales are also supported with the EPOS system able to upload PLU codes and pricing to the scales across the store network.

FX120 weighing scales
An outline of the UK with union flag and picture of a shopping cart, representing UK retail data

Collaborative data

Compare your stock range and pricing anonymously with other retailers from directly within the product management window of the EPOS software.

ProEPOS highlights key, best selling lines which you aren't stocking and also highlights products for which you might be undercharging compared to others.

Our national repository of over 2 million barcodes (with associated product information) collected over time from all our member sites means that scanning an unknown barcode will pre-populate the product record for you. This can enormously reduce setting up of new product lines even without a wholesaler linked system.

Take every opportunity to improve the profitability of your business with the benefit of community data.

Intelligent stock control

Advanced stock control features include predictive replenishment which provides Just-In-Time stock ordering based on sales trends, rather than simplistic systems that rely on preset order levels.

Developed from years of user feedback and taking into account a number of factors, our intelligent stock control reduces wastage and minimises out of stock situations.

With retail margins being so tight, improved processes such as these can make a massive difference to a community store's bottom line profit.

FX120 weighing scales
A picture of an employee checking stock in the back room of a store

Advanced stock management

A number of advanced features improves the management of stock in a ProEPOS run store.

Stock segregation allows you to keep separate stock levels for shop floor and back room stock. This assists with re-stocking and can also improve efficiency of chillers.

Shelf life / best-before date tracking allows you to monitor short life stock and reduce pricing as the use-by date approaches, thus maximising margins.

Location recording (shelf / bay) allows you to report on how changing the location of products individually affects sales. The same mechanism allows you to monitor profitability of individual chillers / freezers.

Comprehensive reporting

A comprehensive suite of over 200 reports covers all areas of the business including sales, stock, wastage & labour usage, with the facility to export to PDF or Excel.

Report scheduling allows reports to be automatically generated and emailed to key staff members on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You can even upload sales to the cloud to use as a datasource in Excel and other apps for more bespoke analysis.

Excel dashboard
A picture of a Zebra desktop label printer

Label printing

Print barcode labels for home-made produce and other items which come from artisan suppliers. Also print clearance labels and shelf edge tickets with ease, with either a standard A4 printer or a dedicated label printer.

Standard A4 printers offer a cost effective solution.

Dedicated label printers are supported by both ProEPOS and POS Core. They provide a convenient way to print labels on demand and reduce wastage.

ProEPOS supports multiple label printers at the same store to allow different label media to be used concurrently, with output directed accordingly.

Making Tax Digital

For those stores with simpler accounting needs, ProEPOS includes its own financial accounts package for generating VAT returns and P&L statements.

If your accounting requirements aren't complicated, then everything you need is provided within the EPOS.

ProEPOS is HMRC recognised for the compliant filing of VAT for Making Tax Digital.

MTD ready
Account package logos

Accounts package integration

ProEPOS natively integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage to upload sales directly to these packages.

POS Core natively integrates with Xero and FreeAgent for the same purpose.

Uploading sales in this way ensures compliance with Making Tax Digital legislation which no longer permits manual entry of figures between systems.

Smartphone app

Our HHT smartphone app emulates a handheld terminal. It connects to the EPOS system and allows staff to use their own smartphone devices to check stock and pricing on the shop floor, print labels, order stock and more.

The app uses the device's camera as an effective barcode scanner.

An ideal, cost effective alternative to a handheld terminal for performing routine administrative tasks in the store.

Versions are available from the respective app stores for Android and iOS.

App Store App Store

FX120 weighing scales
Deliverappy app running on an iPhone

Home Shopping

Our home shopping app, Deliverappy, fully integrates with both ProEPOS and POS Core to provide a home shopping experience for stores wishing to offer a delivery or click-and-collect service to the community.

Orders are printed on the till receipt printer and are automatically imported into the sales transaction data on the EPOS system for reporting and stock control purposes.

Deliverappy cross-references your stock with its pre-populated database of over 40,000 product descriptions, ingredients and images to create an instant shopping experience with almost zero setup required.

App Store App Store

Flexible Back Office

Back office functions can be accessed from the till or a local/remote PC or other device.

ProEPOS provides flexibility through both a native back office app and a cloud back-office (web portal) depending on requirements. Our native back office software is a fully capable app that runs on both Windows and Mac. This can be used locally (on-site) or remotely from a home computer through zero-configuration network link.

Our cloud back office (available for both ProEPOS and POS Core) provides access to most back office functions through any suitable web browser on any capable device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) without the need to install any software on the device itself.

Cloud back office portal being accessed from a desktop PC

Market leading EPOS solutions

See how our enterprise grade ProEPOS solution can help grow your community store.

The UK's leading EPOS supplier

Trusted by community stores UK wide...
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  • Windows or Android based
  • On-prem, cloud or hybrid infrastructure
  • Established for over 20 years
  • Over 1,000 live terminals
  • Unparalleled service & support
  • UK wide on-site service
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Webcam recording

and monitoring of the EPOS sales area.Your EPOS system records audio and video footage of the sales area. Age refusals are recorded and archived for Trading Standards.

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Facial recognition

allows staff members and customers to be identified bythe EPOS system from their face!

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Weather versus sales reporting

Your EPOS system records prevailing weather conditions against all sales for each day.Turns your EPOS system into a powerful tool for predicitive ordering dependent on weather.

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ANMW newspaper and magazine updates.

For newsagents, the EPOS system receives retail price changes, new publications and barcode changes from our dedicated server, direct from the Association of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers.

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Wholesaler links

with all major suppliers allows your EPOS system to download updates and place orders via the Internet. An invaluable tool, essential for the symbol store retailer.

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