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We understand clothing retail

We have a long history supplying EPOS to the fashion retail sector. From single store boutiques to multi-site, multi-channel sportswear retailers, we have solid experience in the market.


With the key ability to handle size curves and product variations, and to print clothing tags and labels directly from the EPOS, our EPOS systems are ideally suited to the fashion market.

Of course in the fashion market, image is everything and an elegant looking EPOS system is a necessity on the store counter. Our EPOS hardware is not just chosen for its robustness and reliability, but also for its aesthetically pleasing casing which sits well against any interior design or decor.

Integrated credit and debit card handling provides a professional and consistent experience for the customer and gives the right image about your store.

From single site independent retail shops to large estates of 30+ stores, we have deployed scalable EPOS solutions across the length and breadth of the UK. Centralised reporting and database management ensure that real-time stock and sales information is available to local, central and remote/roaming employees.

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Key Features

Supports product derivatives - variations of a style, including colours and size curves.

A comprehensive customer database which supports customer-type discounting and a fully capable loyalty scheme.

Tag/label printing on dedicated roll printers.

Native e-commerce integrations with Shopify & WooCommerce plus a powerful web API that allows easy integration with other shopping carts.

An unbiased selection of integrated credit and debit card processing options at highly competitive rates.

Multi-site, estate-wide stock management.

Full installation, on-site training and maintenance through our UK wide engineering team.

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Product derivatives

Different colours and sizes of a stock line are supported via our innovative "derivative" feature.

Specify a size curve and any colour variations of a style when setting up new stock lines. The EPOS automatically allocates a barcode to each permutation. Quickly and easily add additional colours / sizes which you stock at a later time.

Clipart representing different sizes of a garment
A clothing tag

Tag and label printing

Print clothing tags or labels for garments and accessories directly from the EPOS without the need for third party software.

Labels can be printed individually or in batches, eg. for an entire delivery of stock, for those items without their own labelling.

ProEPOS supports the use of desktop label printers for small volumes of labels in-store and larger mid-range printers for higher volume print runs in the warehouse.


Support for gift cards, vouchers and gift receipts.

Gift cards can be pre-printed and activated through the till, loaded with a user defined value, or can be printed on demand on the receipt printer.

Gift receipts allow the return of goods for exchange whilst hiding the value from the recipient.

A gift card
POS Core running on a tablet in a charging stand

Customer data & loyalty

Capture customer details and marketing consent at the point of sale. Produce targeted mailing lists based on customers' purchase histories.

Offer automatic customer-type discounting (eg. for VIP's) and/or run a loyalty scheme to encourage return business.

Multiple locations

Add any number of stores, concessions or warehouses to the EPOS estate and manage them centrally.

With ProEPOS, you have complete control over which members of staff (or levels of staff) have access to which features and reports.

Vector image representing a chain of retail shops

E-commerce integration

Multi-channel sales are fully supported by native integrations with Shopify & WooCommerce. For retailers using different or bespoke shopping carts, ProEPOS provides a comprehensive web API which developers can use to quickly and easily integrate the EPOS and website.

Where required, the EPOS can automatically request stock be moved around the estate to fulfil orders eg. in instances where the stock is available in a store but not the warehouse.

Smartphone app

Our HHT smartphone app allows staff to check pricing or order stock from the shop floor via their own iPhone or Android smartphone.

An ideal, cost effective alternative to a handheld terminal for performing routine administrative tasks in the store.

Versions are available from the respective app stores for Android and iOS.

App Store App Store

ProEPOS HHT app running on a smartphone

Advanced stock control

A complete suite of features for managing stock in intricate detail, including segregation of front-of-house and backroom stock to aid with re-stocking and closer monitoring of stock loss.

In a multi-site estate, store orders can be fulfiled internally and/or combined into an external supplier order. Both drop-ship and centrally fulfilled ordering is supported. Stock can also be transferred between sites with ease and with a full audit trail.

Comprehensive reporting

A comprehensive suite of over 200 reports, with the facility to export to PDF or Excel.

Report scheduling allows reports to be automatically generated and emailed to key staff members on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Upload sales to the cloud to use as a datasource in Excel and other apps for more bespoke analysis.

Excel dashboard

Complete Scalability

From single site setups to estates comprising dozens of stores, ProEPOS will scale with your business.

Our proprietory cloud replication system, coupled with the on-prem data model, gives you the best of both worlds in terms of reliability, data security and scalability.

Our existing client base includes retailers with 30+ sites.

Enterprise grade EPOS systems

See how our ProEPOS solution for fashion can benefit your growing retail business.

The UK's leading FASHION EPOS supplier

Our systems offer...
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  • Size curves & product variations
  • Label / tag printing
  • e-commerce integration
  • Integrated card processing
  • Gift cards/vouchers
  • Loyalty scheme
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With its multi-channel capabilities, our EPOS solutions are a popular choice for the fashion retailer...

Modern retail demands both an in-store and on-line presence. Our ProEPOS system natively integrates with Shopify & WooCommerce but also provide a generic web API for web developers to link almost any other shopping cart with the EPOS.

An integrated EPOS and e-commerce solution provides live product catalogue, stock and sales synchronisation between platforms and makes the business much easier to run.

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Complex stock handling, simplified...

Many larger businesses have complex stock management needs, with multiple warehouses and may even pull from store stock to fulfil web orders. In addition, the retailer may have multiple web sites selling different brands or targetting different markets.

To compliment its e-commerce integrations, our ProEPOS software provides a number of advanced stock management, control and fulfilment features that simplify stock handling in the business and improve efficiency.

No size fits all, and because our software is entirely developed in house we are more than capable and happy to customise any area of the stock management process to suit the needs of the individual retailer.

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