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ProEPOS - Enterprise grade EPOS

ProEPOS is our flagship product, developed over 10 years, acclaimed and respected in the industry.

With its mature feature-set, ProEPOS has been painstakingly developed over the past decade to provide unparalleled functionality. Used extensively and relied upon by some of the most demanding retail businesses in the UK, ProEPOS provides an enterprise class EPOS solution. Developed alongside years of user feedback. Intuitive and powerful.

Market leading features

A number of unique or rarely seen features make ProEPOS stand out from the competition as the EPOS system of choice for the most successful retail businesses. These include our national database of over 2 million barcodes, shelf life tracking, stock segregation (front-of-house and back room stock), webcam recording of the sales area, supplier back-end integrations and much, much more.

ProEPOS is designed, developed and supported entirely in-house.

As a scalable solution, ProEPOS is used in a wide range of business sizes from single lane stores to mult-site retailers with 30+ sites.

Users include community run convenience stores, fashion retailers, sports & leisure stores and garden centres.

POS terminal screen

Feature-rich POS interface

A fully configurable, intuitive POS screen streamlines the sales process

• Infinite depth hotkey menus for non-barcoded stock

• Webcam recording and playback of sales

• Age restricted sales & refusals

• Scan 'n Shop smartphone app integration

Separate POS layouts for retail and hospitality terminals allow the POS to work well in mixed-use environments such as garden centres with cafes, or convenience stores with food-to-go counters.

Integrated weighing scales

Legally certificated for the use of integrated weighing scales, ProEPOS supports both Avery (and compatible) FX120 and FX131 units for the legal sale of weighed produce.

ProEPOS also supports standalone scales which produce price encoded barcodes. The price is decoded from the barcode at the point-of-sale and the associated stock level reduced.

Bizerba label printing scales are also supported with the POS able to upload PLU codes and pricing to the scales across the store network.

FX131 weighing scales
Wholesaler API integration

Wholesaler integrations

ProEPOS integrates will the back-end systems of a large number of wholesalers including all the major FMCG suppliers in the UK such as Booker, Bestway, Costcutter, Nisa, Parfetts, Rayburns and more.

Wholesaler linked systems benefit from product catalogue updates, electronic ordering and goods-in notifications. Consumer offers are also fed down to stores, reducing retailer admin.

Product management

Start from scratch or import from a previous system or supplier catalogue.

Seamless integration with our national cloud database of over 2 million barcodes, automatically pre-populates product records on first scan of an unknown barcode.

Anonymously compare your product range and pricing with other stores across the UK to highlight key best selling lines in your industry sector which you aren't stocking. Highlights products you are selling for lower than average price, providing opportunity for increased margin.

Custom fields allow for bespoke analytics and reporting against stock lines.


Advanced stock control

A complete suite of features for managing stock in intricate detail, including segregation of front-of-house and backroom stock to aid with re-stocking.

Shelf-life tracking allows the system to monitor lines susceptible to waste and warn staff when dates are close to expiry.

Predictive ordering provides for Just-In-Time stock deliveries to minimise stock holding, maximise sales and reduce waste.

Links to wholesalers' backend systems provide for automatic catalogue updates, stock ordering and goods-in notifications. Supplier price comparison allows you to compare the cost of an order between different wholesalers.

Comprehensive reporting

A comprehensive suite of over 200 reports, with the facility to export to PDF or Excel.

Report scheduling allows reports to be automatically generated and emailed to key staff members on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Upload sales to the cloud to use as a datasource in Excel and other apps for more bespoke analysis.

Excel dashboard
A picture of a Zebra desktop label printer

Label printing

Print barcode labels for home-made produce and other items which come from artisan suppliers. Also print clearance labels and shelf edge tickets with ease, with either a standard A4 printer or a dedicated label printer.

Standard A4 printers offer a cost effective solution.

Dedicated label printers are supported by both ProEPOS and POS Core. They provide a convenient way to print labels on demand and reduce wastage.

ProEPOS supports multiple label printers at the same store to allow different label media to be used concurrently, with output directed accordingly.

Smartphone app

Our HHT smartphone app emulates a handheld terminal. It connects to the EPOS system and allows staff to use their own smartphone devices to check stock and pricing on the shop floor, print labels, order stock and more.

The app uses the device's camera as an effective barcode scanner.

An ideal, cost effective alternative to a handheld terminal for performing routine administrative tasks in the store.

Versions are available from the respective app stores for Android and iOS.

App Store App Store

FX120 weighing scales

E-commerce integration

Multi-channel sales are fully supported by native integrations with Shopify & WooCommerce.

For retailers using different or bespoke shopping carts, ProEPOS provides a comprehensive web API which developers can use to quickly and easily integrate the EPOS and website.

Home Shopping

Our home shopping app, Deliverappy, fully integrates with both ProEPOS and POS Core to provide a home shopping experience for stores wishing to offer a delivery or click-and-collect service to the community.

Orders are printed on the till receipt printer and are automatically imported into the sales transaction data on the EPOS system for reporting and stock control purposes.

Deliverappy cross-references your stock with its pre-populated database of over 40,000 product descriptions, ingredients and images to create an instant shopping experience with almost zero setup required.

App Store App Store

Deliverappy app running on an iPhone
An outline of the UK with union flag and picture of a shopping cart, representing UK retail data

Collaborative data

Compare your stock range and pricing anonymously with other retailers in your market sector from directly within the product management window of the EPOS software.

ProEPOS highlights key, best selling lines which you aren't stocking and also highlights products for which you might be undercharging compared to others.

Our national repository of over 2 million products collected over many years from all our member sites means that scanning an unknown barcode will pre-populate the product record for you, saving huge amounts of time.

Take every opportunity to improve the profitability of your business with the benefit of community data.

Loyalty schemes

A powerful, built in loyalty scheme provides great flexibility in how points are awarded and how/when they can be redeemed.

Supports both earn-as-you-spend and periodic point rewards. Bonus points days for different customer types are also supported (eg. double points for OAP's on Wednesday).

Bounce-back vouchers at the bottom of receipts encourage return visits.


Flexible Back Office

Flexibility through both a native back office and a cloud back-office (web portal) depending on requirements.

Our native back office software is a fully capable app that runs on both Windows and Mac. Can be used locally on-site or remotely through zero-configuration network link.

Our cloud back office provides access to most back office functions through any suitable web browser on any capable device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) without the need to install any software on the device itself.

Making Tax Digital

For those businesses with simpler accounting needs, ProEPOS includes its own financial accounts package for generating VAT returns and P&L statements.

If your accounting requirements aren't complicated, then everything you need is provided within the EPOS.

ProEPOS is HMRC recognised for Making Tax Digital filing of VAT.

MTD ready
Account package logos

Accounts package integration

ProEPOS natively integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage to upload sales directly to these packages.

Uploading sales in this way ensures compliance with Making Tax Digital legislation which no longer permits manual entry of figures between systems.

Complete Scalability

From single site setups to estates comprising dozens of stores, ProEPOS will grow with your business.

Our proprietory cloud replication system, coupled with the on-prem data model, gives you the best of both worlds in terms of reliability, data security and scalability.

Scaling your business

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Our ProEPOS Systems

Our acclaimed ProEPOS software provides enterprise grade EPOS used by some of the fastest growing retailers in the UK.



Back office integrations with industry suppliers provide for catalogue updates and electronic ordering plus goods-in notifications.



Monitoring and recording of the EPOS sales area to reduce fraud and errors.



Predictive ordering takes into account sales trends, holiday periods and more.



National sales and pricing comparisons anonymously compare your stock range and pricing with others to highlight missed opportunities.