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POS Core - Cloud Based EPOS

POS Core is our cutting-edge EPOS product, Android based with a cloud infrastructure.

Running on the Android operating system and with its scalable cloud data model, POS Core provides a reliable, modern experience for the contemporary business. With advanced features for hospitality, but equally suited to retail.

Market leading features

On top of an intuitive user interface, POS Core provides a raft of features found in few other products including ingredient level stock control, allergen management, bookings & floor planning, PPDS labelling and wholesaler integrations.

Flexible hardware options cater for different environments and use cases, and range from small footprint, portable tablets to full size POS terminals with dual screen displays.

Regular updates

Our users receive regular updates which include new features based on user feedback.

POS terminal screen

Feature-rich POS interface

A fully configurable, intuitive POS screen streamlines the sales process

• Virtually infinite depth menu screens

• Product options and comments

• Table tabs and bills

• Support for kitchen/bar printers and handheld ordering devices

Equally well suited to retail and hospitality venues, POS Core simplifies front-of-house operations.

Product management

Start from scratch or import from a previous system or supplier catalogue.

In a retail setting, seamless integration with our national cloud database of over 2 million barcodes, automatically pre-populates product records on first scan of an unknown barcode.

In a hospitality setting, creating dishes and specifying allergens is very easy through the Cloud Back Office.


Table planning

With a simple to setup, drag and drop floor plan, see at a glance which tables are occupied and which are available. A simple tap takes you into the table to view the bill and add further items.


Based on the floor plan, the system understands the capacity of your venue and can manage bookings, even advising on next available sitting for a party of a given size at a given time, taking into account other bookings and that tables can be combined for larger parties.

POS Core also supports deposits for venues that take them, subtracting the deposit paid from the bill when settled.


Ingredients & dish costing

With precise ingredients for dishes, cocktails and other menu items, POS Core calculates the exact cost of menu dishes and can report accurately on your margins.

See at a glance how increased cost of ingredients affects margins and make informed decisions on menu pricing accordingly.

Coupled with the predictive ordering feature, the EPOS system can calculate the anticipated quantity of all raw ingredients and order appropriately.

Allergen tracking

Allergens can be set at the dish or ingredient level.

By providing ingredient level allergen information, the EPOS system propagates this to each dish containing those ingredients.

At the point of service, if any intolerances are specified for a customer, the system will guide the user to avoid incompatible dishes.

The system can also produce PPDS compliant ingredient labelling with allergens suitably highlighted.

Allergen setup

Advanced stock control

A complete suite of features for managing stock in intricate detail, right down to ingredient level.

Predictive ordering provides for Just-In-Time stock deliveries to minimise stock holding, maximise sales and reduce waste.

Links to wholesalers' backend systems provide for automatic catalogue updates, stock ordering and goods-in notifications.

PPDS labelling

Venues that produce pre-packed food for direct sale (PPDS) are required by law to produce labelling that meets strict criteria on allergens (Natasha's Law).

With ingredient and allergen information set against a product, POS Core produces compliant labelling at the push of a button and without complicated setup or manual intervention.

Excel dashboard
PPDS label

Powerful reporting

A focused suite of reports, with the facility to export to PDF, Excel or other BI tools for advanced dashboarding.

Loyalty schemes

Both points-based and stamp-based loyalty schemes are provided.

A points-based scheme awards the customer with points for each £ spent. These points can then be redeemed as discount against future purchases.

A stamp-based scheme awards the customer with a free product after so many purchases eg. a free hot drink after purchasing 10.

Wholesaler API integration

Wholesaler integrations

POS Core integrates with a select number of wholesalers including Booker and Bestway.

Wholesaler linked systems benefit from product catalogue updates, electronic ordering and goods-in notifications. Consumer offers are also fed down to stores, reducing retailer admin.

Cloud Back Office

Back office functions can be accessed on-device (through the POS Core app itself) or remotely via web browser on any suitable device including smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

With POS Core you can keep an eye on your business from anywhere with Internet access, whether home or abroad.

Account package logos

Accounts package integration

POS Core natively integrates with Xero and FreeAgent to upload sales directly to these packages.

Uploading sales in this way ensures compliance with Making Tax Digital legislation which no longer permits manual entry of figures between systems.

Complete Scalability

From single site setups to estates comprising dozens of stores or venues, POS Core will grow with your business.

Our robust cloud data model offers you the best in terms of reliability, data security and scalability.

Extra terminals, tablets or venues can be provisioned within minutes.

Scaling your business

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Our POS Core Systems

Our cutting edge POS Core system provides a powerful, reliable and scalable cloud based EPOS solution for both retail and hospitality businesses.



Manage stock and allergens, and calculate margins at the ingredient level.



Predictive ordering at the ingredient level takes into account sales trends, holiday periods and more.



A suite of powerful reporting tools to understand your business in more detail.