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A home shopping, delivery and click & collect solution that's fully integrated with our EPOS systems.
An increasing number of our convenience retailers are wanting to offer their customers a home shopping / delivery experience. But how best to do it?
Our new app, Deliverappy, for iPhone and Android provides you with an instant home shopping outlet. It lets your customers browse your stock, place orders and pay. Orders are automatically imported into the EPOS and an order slip printed on your receipt printer. All you have to do is pick, pack and deliver!

An instant app-based store!

Deliverappy needs very little setup, and because we've developed it in-house, it fully integrates with our EPOS systems. With our pre-populated database of over 40,000 SKU descriptions and over 20,000 images, you can be selling online in next to no time.

• Minimal setup

• Pre-populated descriptions, ingredients and pictures

• Low transaction fees

Unlike third party delivery solutions, setup is quick and easy and the integration is already built into our ProEPOS and POS Core systems.


Getting started is quick and easy

All you need do is to tell the EPOS a few basic things:

• Delivery radius (if you intend to offer delivery)

• How much you’ll charge for delivery

• What the minimum spend requirement is

• What times of the day you’ll accept orders

You can include a short profile on your store (a picture of you, your shop or team) and write a short ditty that explains your ethos. Then you’re good to go!

Pre-populated with over 40k lines

With our extensive experience in the FMCG market, we've got a pre-populated database of over 40,000 products, complete with descriptions and nutritional information. We've also got over 20,000 images. Your EPOS simply tells the system which SKUs (barcodes) you stock and your stock levels of each. The system then cross-references the two to create your own bespoke, app-based store.

Don't run stock control? We know some retailers don't, but that's not a problem. You can opt to include recently sold lines, regardless of system stock level.


Control your pricing

Want to charge more for delivery customers? Perhaps an increased markup or specific prices for certain lines? Simply give the EPOS a fixed price multiplier, or specify a "B" price that's used in the app. Or you can use a mixture of the two. With ProEPOS and Deliverappy, you are in complete control of what you charge.

Want to exclude certain departments from your app catalogue altogether? That's simple to do as well - just untick the "sell online" option against the department on the EPOS.

Simple payment process

We've partnered with both Stripe and Paypal to offer in-app payments with Deliverappy (although click and collect orders can always be settled in-store, if you'd prefer).

Both gateways are recognised and respected payment gateways with consumers and offer a quick and simple on-boarding process for retailers. It's also very easy to issue refunds if there's a problem with an order.

Signing-up to Stripe is simple and done through a link in the EPOS. Our support team can help guide you through the process.


Tight EPOS integration

The EPOS checks for new orders every few minutes, downloads and imports them straight into the transaction history against the customer record (if it's a customer's first order then it'll set an account up for them). Stock levels are automatically adjusted for the products purchased on the order.

An order slip is printed on the designated till's receipt printer for you to quickly and easily pick, pack and deliver the order.

Because sales are downloaded into the EPOS, you can take advantage of combined reporting and stock management.

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